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Applications for Bachelor and Master theses are always welcome. Please send a request to the according person listed in the Research project descriptions.

Note: The headings and titles for the following tables are provided in English and German for convenience.

Spring Semester / Frühlingssemester

Number Unit Lecturer
Number 389-5000-00L Unit Computational Fluid Dynamics for Non-Newtonian Flows Lecturer E. J. Windhab
Number 752-2310-00L Unit Physical Characterization of Food Lecturer P. A. Fischer,
R. Mezzenga
Number 752-3000-00L Unit Food Process Engineering I Lecturer E. J. Windhab
Number 752-3000-AAL Unit Food Process Engineering I Lecturer E. J. Windhab
Number 752-3022-00L Unit Food Factory Planning and Design Lecturer P. Beck,
S. Padar
Number 752-3024-00L Unit Hygienic Design Lecturer J. Hofmann
Number 752-3102-00L Unit Process-Microstructure-Property Relationships Lecturer E. J. Windhab,
P. Braun,
A. M. Kratzer,
M. Michel
Number 752-3104-00L Unit Food Rheology II Lecturer P. A. Fischer

Laboratory course / Praktikum

Number Unit Lecturer
Number 752-3004-00L Unit Food Process Engineering Laboratory Course Lecturer P. Braun

Autumn Semester / Herbstsemester

Lecturer / Dozent Lecture title / Vorlesungstitel
Prof. Erich J. Windhab Food Process Engineering II / Lebensmittel-Verfahrenstechnik II
Prof. Erich J. Windhab Process Measurements and Automation
Prof. Erich J. Windhab Food Process Design and Optimization
Prof. Peter Fischer Food Rheology I
Prof. Peter Fischer Physics of Food Colloids

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